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Three Common Lexus ES 300 Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Your ES 300 is everything you've come to expect from a luxury sedan -- the ideal combination of Lexus reliability, stylish looks, and ride comfort. Take care of it, and it should last you another decade, at least. The car might even see 200,000 to 300,000 miles.

Here's a few issues to look out for, and what to do about them.

1. Failed Sensors

A Check Engine light coming on the dash in your ES 300 means that, most likely, one of the car's oxygen sensors has failed. This was a known issue for models from between 1992 and 2003 with 284,000 miles or fewer on their odometers these days. The sensor will have to be replaced. It'll cost you $300 or more on average.

2. Bad Ignitions

If the Check Engine light's come on, but the engine's misfiring, too, then most likely, the trouble's a bad ignition coil. This was a known issue for ES 300 models from between '92 and '03 with 246,000 miles or fewer on their odometers today. You'll need to replace the coil (and it's recommended that you replace them all at once for best results). It'll run you $200 plus on average.

3. Faulty Air Intakes

If your ES 300 is idling abnormally or stalling, especially when the engine's cold, then most likely, airflow into the throttle body's idle air control valve is restricted (probably by debris). This was a known issue for models from between '92 and '03 with 224,000 miles or fewer on their odometers nowadays. You can try cleaning the valve, but if that doesn't work, you'll have to replace it. It can run $340 to $600 or more on average.

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