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Three Easy Ways to Mod Your Lexus CT 200h for Performance

Your CT 200h is one of several models Lexus enthusiasts think of when they think "hybrid hatchback."

It's comfortable, with heated, genuine-leather front seats in variants with a Leather Package. It's tech-savvy, complete with a Navigation Package in some versions that features voice-command nav, Lexus Enform emergency notification, and more. Above all, it's fun to drive, if you've got one with an F-Sport Package, featuring a sport suspension, mesh grille, and large rear spoiler, among other perks.

The thing is, its 1.8-liter, Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder gas engine and electric motor only put out a 134 combined horsepower. So, even though the iconic Lexis hybrid of the 2010s was designed with efficiency in mind, it could be a little more powerful.

Here are three easy upgrades you can make to upgrade that spec.

1. Install a turbocharger.
Naturally aspirated engines can only pull so much air into their combustion chambers. A turbo, or even a supercharger, can draw a lot more to burn. That can mean a good bump in both horsepower and torque.

2. Replace the stock air intake.
Put a cold air intake near one of the hatch's fenders, for instance, or above a wheel well. This'll enable it to pull denser, cooler, freer-flowing air into the engine; that means a higher power yield during combustion.

3. Swap out the factory engine air filter.
Where a regular engine filter simply removes pollutants as air enters the car's engine, a performance air filter will also optimize airflow, thereby enriching the air-to-fuel ratio. This is another way the engine can get what it needs to generate more power.

Not sure how to go about installing something? A Lexus service center will be glad to help.

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