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Can You Mod a Lexus IS 250?

As Lexus sports cars go, the IS 250 is a standout performer. In the 2010s, its 2.5-liter, six-cylinder shelled out 204 horses -- plenty to power the ride. Standard paddle shifters on the steering wheel for changing gears around sharp corners, a drive mode selector to program the throttle response and transmission, a tuned suspension balancing thrills and comfort -- it's had it all over the years. It's just a reliable as it is fun to drive, too -- at one point, it was ranked 7th out of 31 luxury mid-size cars.

Of course, you know all this well, in some way, shape, or form. You might've even run that baby to its limit -- it can clock 140 mph in around 7 seconds after all: no small feat. Did you know you can customize it even further for performance? Shop OEM parts and accessories here at Longo Lexus; we're here to help with the project.

Popular Lexus Upgrades for IS 250

Put in a Cold Air Intake

You do this by relocating an engine air filter somewhere it can pull in cooler, denser, and higher-quality air -- usually, near a fender or above a wheel well. This can improve engine power output slightly. You get more horsepower, and a little better fuel economy to boot.

Customize the Suspension

Lower you ride height -- swap factory springs for lowering springs -- and a stabilizer bar, and you can get better, more stable handling and the kind of cornering precision performance enthusiasts love.

Update the Exhaust

A custom job can do more than relieve backpressure and help your engine perform better. It can also give your ride the kind of aggressive note that turns heads when you rev.

Whatever the update, though, make sure that the parts and accessories you're using are genuine Lexus. We've got everything you'll need. It's OEM-quality, guaranteed to fit, warranty-backed for peace of mind, and best of all, affordable -- lower-priced than MSRP, sometimes steeply marked down. Buy with confidence.

Genuine OEM Lexus IS 250 Parts and Accessories for Sale Online

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